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November 5th 2015 - Thursday 8:00 AM
RV-10 Project Auction

The Chapter is auctioning a donated Van's RV-10 project.

It consists of an RV10 Empennage and a RV10 Quickbuild Wing kit.

What's it worth? Take a look at Van's RV-10 Order Form

  • Empennage/Tailcone Kit - $3,885
  • Wing Kit - $10,225
  • Quickbuild Wing - $6,100
  • Crating Charges - $85 Empennage, $400 QB Wing
  • Total from Van's - $20,695

The auction starts on Thursday November 5 about 8 AM, and it will end at 8:00 pm Wednesday December 2, 2015.

The project is viewable at Ed White's Hangar on Birchwood Field, Birchwood AK, by appointment and at the November Chapter Meeting. There is no warranty, guarantees implied or expressed. There is a builders log and some plans.

Bidding will start at $5,000 and the minimum increment is $100.

The bids are:

  • November 12 at 3:50 - $5,000 - John Davis
  • November 13 - $5,100 - Doug Leamon
  • November 16 at 1:42 - $7,000 - John Davis

Email your bid to the EAA 42 email list at: eaa42-list@eaa42.org

Chuck Hosack is the point of contact.

We will try to keep the web site updated with the current bids, but we update the web site manually.

And remember ….one must be a EAA National member and a Chapter 42 member to be allowed to bid. If you wish to become a member please contact any of the Chapter officers for information.

Wednesday December 2nd 2015

Sunset at 16:45

December 2nd 2015 - Wednesday 7:00 PM
Board Meeting

Where: Lars Gleitsmann's House

Board Meeting

EAA Chapter 42 Board Meeting - Wed Dec 2nd at 7 PM

There is a change of venue this month. We will be meeting at Lars Gleitsmann's House on 4621 Caravelle Dr. It is roughly south west of Jewel lake and Raspberry.

8 PM is the deadline for the RV-10 project auction.

As always, all Chapter 42 members are invited and encouraged to attend.

Sunset at 15:49

December 12th 2015 - Saturday 9:30 AM
Chapter Breakfast Get-Together

Where: Kava's Pancake House

Breakfast Kava's Pancake House has great food and fast service. It is located right next to Merrill Field, just northwest of the Northway Mall.

Bring your friends and family and join us at 9:30 AM on Saturday morning, December 12th.

Sunset at 15:41

January 6th 2016 - Wednesday 7:00 PM
Board Meeting

Where: Las Margaritas on Dimond Blvd.

Board Meeting

EAA Chapter 42 Board Meeting - Wed Jan 6th at 7 PM

We are meeting at Las Margaritas on the North side of Dimond Blvd between C Street and Arctic Blvd. When you go in, hang a left to the front room that is separated from the main dining area.

So come, get your margarita and nachos and we will B.S. about aviation and maybe do some Chapter business.

As always, all Chapter 42 members are invited and encouraged to attend.

Sunset at 16:03

Oct 9th, 2015 - RV 10 Kit Donation

The chapter is fortunate to receive as a donation a RV10 Empennage and a RV10 Quickbuild Wing kit. Chapter members will be retrieving the kits Saturday October 10. Members are invited to help transport this generous donation from Hillside to Ed Whites hangar at Birchwood. Please call John Davis 3508758 for details and we need a flat bed truck to accomplish the move. If anyone has access to a truck please call John.

Oct 6th, 2015 - Bear Valley Drop-In

On Tuesday, October 6th, a not so Super Cub got dropped into Bear Valley. My neighbor took these photos.

The plane was put on the ground near the intersection of Clark's Road and Heights Hill. The left main gear and the fuselage were hurt bad. It looks like the left rear wing strut is bent, along with the left elevator tip. The Cargo Pod was damaged, but I don't know if it was during the bad landing, or when the helicopter put it down.

Isn't it against the regs to cover up the registration of a registered airplane? Anyone know which doctor or dentist had a ton of money for a brand new Super Cub, but didn't know how to land it? The more I look at the covered up registration, the more I want to announce who it belonged to.

Bear Valley 04

Bear Valley 09

Bear Valley 13

Bear Valley 18

Bear Valley 20

Bear Valley 22

Sep 19th, 2015 - Quickie Move

The Quickie that was donated to the Chapter had been hanging from the ceiling of a garage for over 10 years. The first trick was to get it down to the floor. Quickie

The white wings blend into the background. The original design was a tail dragger. The lower front wing had drooped wingtips with tiny wheels mounted in the wingtips. This plane was converted to tricycle gear. The upper rear wing is just behind the cockpit. Quickie

Quickie The wings are not easily removable, but the tail is. We had to get a long trailer and put the plane sideways to transport it to Birchwood.



The tail of the plane is upright behind the plane. One of the more unusual aspects of this design is that the tail does not have any horizontal aerodynamic surfaces. Quickie

Thanks to Bernie Willis and George Dorman for the pictures.

Aug 24th, 2015 - Presidential TFRs Aug 31 - Sep 2

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will be issuing multiple Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR) in support of a VIP visit to Anchorage, Seward, Dillingham and Kotzebue, on August 31st through September 2nd, 2015.

Here is the announcement PDF

This is a photo of the POTUS flight headed to Seward, and the best telephoto picture of a V-22 Osprey that I could get from the deck of my house in Bear Valley. This was the first time I've seen an Osprey in the wild... Walter

POTUS Flight POTUS Osprey

Jul 3rd, 2015 - Chuck Hosack CH-750 First Flight!

My Zenith CH 750 received it's airworthiness certificate on June 6, 2015 and the first flight was July 3, 2015 from Birchwood airport.

There were no issues on the first flight other than some minor control tweaks needed to correct a heavy wing.

This project was completed in 830 hours of work including painting with most of the work done in my garage. The engine is a Rotax 912 ULS with a 3-blade Warp Drive prop.

Chuck Hosack

Chuck Hosack CH-750

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Board Meeting
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Chapter Breakfast Get-Together
Kava's Pancake House
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