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December 26th 2014 - Friday 6:00 PM
EAA Chapter 42 Unofficial Holiday Party

Where: Chuck May's House - 2811 Leeward Pl

6 PM to 10 PM. Once again, Chuck May is having a holiday party, and all EAA members and their spouses are invited. This is not an official EAA function. It is a lot of fun.

Driving directions to Chuck's House..

  • From the Seward Hwy
  • Exit on Huffman Rd.
  • Turn East (Left) then turn South (Right) on Lake Otis which changes name to Westwind at the first 4 way stop.
  • The first street after stop is Spinnaker turn Left and then Left again on Leeward
  • Chucks house is second from the corner, 2811 Leeward Pl.
  • If you get lost call Chuck at 345-4703.

Sunset at 15:46

January 7th 2015 - Wednesday 7:00 PM
Board Meeting

Where: TBA

As always, all Chapter 42 members are invited and encouraged to attend.

Sunset at 16:05

January 10th 2015 - Saturday 9:30 AM
Chapter Breakfast Get-Together

Where: Kava's Pancake House

Kava's Pancake House has great food and fast service. It is located right next to Merrill Field, just northwest of the Northway Mall.

Bring your friends and family and join us at 9:30 AM on Saturday morning, March 8th.

Sunset at 16:11

January 27th 2015 - Tuesday 7:00 PM
Chapter Meeting

Where: TBA

Hands-on Demonstration

Sunset at 16:55

Nov 16th, 2014 - Chapter Bylaws Changes

Ariel Talen-Keller, Jonathan Fant, and Walter Yankauskas are serving on a committee to simplify and update the Chapter's bylaws.

Version 1 of the proposed bylaw changed, consisting mostly of formatting changes and logic corrections: Draft of Bylaw changes 2014V1

Here is a working version of the bylaws containing lots of comments and questions: Working Draft of Bylaw changes

Current Bylaws

Nov 6th, 2014 - EAA Hall of Fame

Ariel Talen-Keller's father, Timothy Talen is going to be inducted into the EAA Sport Aviation Hall of Fame. The following is from the October 2014 issue of Sport Aviation (with the polished Electra on the cover), page 119.


TIMOTHY TALEN, founder of the Oregon Antique & Classic Air craft Club and founding director of the Oregon Aviation Historical Society, is an aircraft restoration master. In addition to many partial restorations, Timothy has fully restored at least 20 airplanes, including seven Interstates, a Cessna 120, two Cubs, a 1932 Fairchild 22, and many more. His award winning restorations have graced many covers of EAA's Vintage Airplane magazine, and he has an uncanny ability to look at any antique part and name the aircraft it came from. Tim's father taught him to fly in an Aeronca Champ, and Tim earned his private pilot certificate in 1969. Since then, Tim has earned instrument, commercial, multiengine, and CFl ratings and certificates, as well as an A&P certificate. He served as an air traffic controller in Vietnam, and taught aircraft construction and technology at Lane Community College for five years, during which time his classes built a replica of Les Long's Longster.

Jul 5th, 2014 - Searey amphib flying

Today I was awarded an unusual treat and an exciting experience. Mr. Chuck Hosack gave me a ride in his Searey amphib and the ride was incomparable to anything I have ever done before. The Searey is an exceptional aircraft and Chuck’s attention to detail and all of the extras he has put into the airplane show through in many ways.

On our take off from Wolf Lake the Searey was in the air in a short amount of time and climbing at 500 fpm easily, we leveled out at 1,000 feet and Chuck turned the controls over to me. The Searey is a docile aircraft with solid controls and handled the light turbulence we had with no trouble.

Chuck asked me if I wanted to try a water landing. “Does a fish swim?” Of course I wanted to splash down in the nearest lake, heck I wanted to splash down in all of the lakes. Chuck picked a lake with not much boat traffic, hard to do on the 4th weekend, lined up for landing and touched down in a gentle spray, (ok he bounced it a little, it was a glassy water landing) and when he slowed to a taxi, I opened the window and casually put my hand in the water and joked that it was too cold for swimming.

The take-off on the water was exhilarating, the Searey was up on step in seconds and then Chuck had to maneuver around a canoe and then around an island, all the while the Searey was acting like a very fast boat, then we were In the air. The acceleration once again was amazing, this flying boat really moves.

I wanted to share this with the chapter and thank Mr. Chuck Hosack publicly for making my day.

Thank you Chuck for an experience I will cherish.

Mike Ice

Jul 5th, 2014 - Burke Wick Fly-By

Burke Wick

At the Annual Salmon Bake and Fly-By at the Alaska Aviation Museum

Jul 2nd, 2014 - Zenith 701 Kit for sale

The webmaster has a few things for sale: Zenith 701 Kit, Sporty's Flight Gear Flight Bag, and a Piper Tri-Pacer. EAA 42 For Sale

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EAA Chapter 42 Unofficial Holiday Party
Chuck May's House - 2811 Leeward Pl
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