Future Events

May 26th 2015 - Tuesday 7:00 PM
Chapter Meeting

Where: Birchwood Airport

Seabee Lars Gleitsmann will host our meeting at his hangar on the north end of the Birchwood Airport in a south facing hangar.

We will get to see his progress in an RC-3 Seabee restoration. The Seabee shown here is a different plane on Merrill Field.

Since it's so hard to guess at how many people will show up to a summer hangar meeting (If it's sunny more will show up because it's nice out, or less will show up because it's nice out and there is other stuff to do). This will be a Bring Your Own barbeque setup.

Like the old saying goes, "You can eat as much food as you bring".

There will be a barbeque grill fired up and ready to use.

Sunset at 23:08

June 3rd 2015 - Wednesday 7:00 PM
Board Meeting

Where: TBA

As always, all Chapter 42 members are invited and encouraged to attend.

Sunset at 23:24

June 13th 2015 - Saturday 9:30 AM
Chapter Breakfast Get-Together

Where: Kava's Pancake House

Kava's Pancake House has great food and fast service. It is located right next to Merrill Field, just northwest of the Northway Mall.

Bring your friends and family and join us at 9:30 AM on Saturday morning, June 12th.

Sunset at 23:38

June 23rd 2015 - Tuesday 7:00 PM
Chapter Meeting

Where: Cliff and Sara's Hangar - Lake Hood

Hangar, airplanes, airplane parts, people, barbeque grill, food, drinks

What could be better?

Sunset at 23:42

July 1st 2015 - Wednesday 7:00 PM
Board Meeting

Where: TBA

As always, all Chapter 42 members are invited and encouraged to attend.

Sunset at 23:38

May 12th, 2015 - Aircraft Project Auction

The Chapter has auctioned a donated plans built project (that is based on a 1 place Stits Playboy or maybe a Fly Baby ) complete with a Lycoming 0-290 Engine. As you can see, it's got wooden wings and a welded steel 2 place fuselage. The project has been inspected by John Davis, Cliff Belleau and others. Everyone was impressed at the quality of the workmanship of both the welding and the woodwork.

The auction started on Tuesday April 28 and ended at 9.00 pm Tuesday May 12, 2015.

The winning bid was $1,600 from Lynsey Justice.

Donated Project

May 5th, 2015 - CH701 Crash - Jim Lake

Zenith Aircraft's chief pilot, Roger Dubert, was at the trade show along with his host, Bob Jones, a well known CH701 builder from Big Lake. It was the first time Zenith had a factory presence at the airshow. I had dinner with them Saturday night and Bob planned to take Roger flying on Monday and Tuesday in his 701 on floats. I was shocked to see pictures of them on the news tonight upside down in Jim Lake. Apparently they hit a shallow spot and flipped. Bob was banged up a bit but nothing serious and Roger was not hurt. Talk about having some great stories to take back to the factory!

The news story is at: http://www.ktuu.com/news/news/emergency-services-responding-to-small-plane-in-lake-in-butte/32826506

Chuck Hosack

Jim Lake CH701 Hi, I happened onto it tonight and wondered if it was fresh etc etc... It looks really bad, totally twisted up. The plane looks like not a single panel is straight any more. One photo attached. - I think to hit shallows is the worst kinda Seaplane accident.

...more of it here: http://www.frontiersman.com/breakingnews/passengers-walk-away-from-plane-crash-near-butte/article09e4b7c4-f389-11e4-8e83-f7aa69dd8983.html

Best Regards, Lars

Apr 28th, 2015 - Election Results

Ed White

At our April 28th 2015 meeting at John Davis' hangar we held a special election for the offices of Treasurer and Secretary. Ed and Cliff were both elected unanimously by the chapter members present at the meeting.

Ed White is our new Chapter Treasurer, in addition to being our Young Eagles Coordinator.

Cliff Belleau is our new Chapter Secretary, in addition to being a Technical Consultant.

Cliff Belleau

Apr 22nd, 2015 - Will Aldridge - Custom Design

One of our new members, Will Aldridge is designing and building his own custom design plane. It's a SpitSairWulfStang, as in a combination of Spitfire, Corsair, Focke-Wulf and Mustang.

The website about the aircraft I'm designing and building is: thewilltofly.com

Will Aldridge - Custom Design

Will Aldridge - Wing Spar

Will Aldridge - Horizontal stabilizer

Apr 11th, 2015 - James Moss - 500 Young Eagle Flights

Jim Moss

James Moss splits his time between Alaska and Arizona received this award today at our EAA Chapter 538 Young Eagles Event @ Glendale AZ (KGEU). Only took about 10 years...


Apr 10th, 2015 - EAA National Letter in response to Alaska Board of Game Policy #207

Please see here the Letter that EAA National sent to the AK-BoG / AK AG in regards to the Proposal #207.

Best Regards, Lars

Apr 2nd, 2015 - Alaska State Board of Game Over-reach

Hi, This story may read or feel like a really bad joke, but sadly it ain't. Two weeks ago I was contacted by a lawyer and pilot who sought help with a "Government Over-reach" issue, and my initial reaction was "this is so crazy this cannot possibly happen"... yet it is happening now. Anyway; the issue requires some reading, see below. I mentioned this as a possible issue in the last EAA chapter meeting and then attended a meeting of 23 Pilots, among them many lawyer-pilots & hunters, on Monday evening at MRI in ANC. That meeting lasted almost 3 hours. Today there was a meeting about it in Wasilla. We also talked about this today at the EAA-42 Board Meeting. Enough Suspense; read it here:

The State of Alaska has the authority to create laws related to hunting. This is an attempt to create a law regarding flying by the AK-State Board of Game. The Board of Game should limit itself to hunting – not flying.

The Alaska Supreme Court has very clearly held that there are no superfluous words in statutes and, as such, every word has important meaning. I can provide citations for you. The proposal clearly states the following:

  1. From August 10 to September 20 aircraft may only be used to place hunters and camps, maintain existing camps, and salvage meat and trophies while used for the purpose of Dall sheep hunting. Using an aircraft for the purpose of spotting sheep or locating Dall sheep during the open hunting season is prohibited.

Sounds harmless enough? -wait a second! Please read on: (there is also much more to it as seen in B.o.G. meeting minutes etc etc) -have to fit it in an email...

Let’s break it down. (Text by Rob Stone)

“From August 10 to September 20 aircraft may only be used to place hunters and camps, maintain existing camps, and salvage meat and trophies while used for the purpose of Dall sheep hunting.”

This prohibits the use of aircraft between August 10-September 20 to do anything other than what is listed. So, for example, my son and I go sheep hunting and get two sheep. On the way out, we decide to take a fly-by of the kill site (several miles in). In doing so, a Trooper seeing me doing it. This is illegal. This conduct had nothing to do with fair chase or same day airborne, but it is illegal under this proposal. It is a restriction on flying.

“Using an aircraft for the purpose of spotting sheep or locating Dall sheep during the open hunting season is prohibited.”

This is clear and unambiguous. This means that if anyone decides to fly in the Alaska Range to spot sheep for taking pictures, it is unlawful for him to do so between August 10 and September 20.

It also means that if I take a sheep this August 10 and decide that I want to fly around in the mountains of the Alaska range this September looking for 2016 sheep hunting spots, it is illegal.

The State of Alaska has the authority to create laws related to hunting. This is an attempt to create a law regarding flying. (end of Quote, Rob Stone)

They could have very easily and very clearly put out further restrictions on hunting and spotting animals from aircraft for the purpose of hunting, but instead they consciously chose to broadly restrict "flying in the mountains" for any other purpose. Off course this is in conflict with FAA rules and the general "fly as low as you want over un-inhabited terrain" etc etc. ... Here we clearly have a Government Entity, the Board of Game, that consciously voted (one member voted against this so called "Proposal #207") to exceed its mandate to regulate hunting and ventured into regulating flying...

(Now Quoting Rob Stapleton:)

This needs to be taken to a higher level of awareness. If we don't fight for the proper language in these regulatory situations then we can expect "mission creep" that will cost all of us money and further degradation of our flight privileges. Once aircraft are grounded, captured, impounded, etc. who will foot the bill to return our aircraft and pay the fees, penalties etc. ?

Our objections now will help detour the inevitability of the state and feds to deem all of Alaska as parks land, thus making it impossible to land, fish, hunt, photograph, or take a piss on.

Rob Stapleton

As your Government affairs guy, I called up a B.o.Game member and asked about this a week ago; The answer was "Oh No; not at all! -Don't You worry!" (paraphrasing). Then the guy called me back and left a Message "being very sorry! - he misinformed me, seriously! and asked me to call back, would not elaborate about it on the answering machine. I called him back and he gave me the whole story; " Yes its true, yes it has that consequence, yes it is LAW as written right now and applies to this summer etc etc" so, in short, I sure did not just hear it from the Lawyers' but also from one member of the B.o.G. that VOTED FOR IT. I have lots and lots more of ugly details but this email is getting too long already. I have to say that I have never been as amazed as I am now about this totally un-necessary affair, that was created by 3 Members of the AK-B.o.G that seem to have their own agenda.... and keep in mind, if this goes, what will they come up with next year? and what kind of encouragement are they creating for others who are opposed of our "Right to Fly" as licensed pilots etc?

Sam Cotton, commissioner of ADF&G has indicated #207 is now being reviewed by the AK Attorney General. We need emails, letters, and phone calls going to Lt. Gov. office and legislators helping them understand how this impacts you. You could be videotaped and accused just flying through a pass in the Range under the clouds, if the "right Guys are around"... ‎ J.R. Gates email'ed many involved at 5:32 PM on April 1st: Quote:

"I spoke briefly on the phone with Alaska Airmen’s Association this afternoon. They seemed conflicted and have yet to raise this issue to their membership. Any members should call the number that is on your annual dues notice (907-245-1251) and encourage them to pick this issue up. Please leave a message tonight or get ahold of them tomorrow AM if possible."(end Quote J.R. Gates) The same seems to be true for AOPA, at this point in time, as far as I know. I have called the EAA Hdqrt's. about this twice and I am keeping them posted, they promised help.

In General; I can only say it is up to YOU, the members, the pilots, the individual, to react to this and to contact whoever you seem fit. I am attaching here a document that outlines what is going on and states sources of info on this and also what can be done about it. I would NOT rely on just the internet forums in this (or any?) case, please use the resources given in the attachment. I be glad to email more info on request. This is as outlandish as it appears; sadly its true and REAL. As the "Government affairs guy" of the local EAA I Really would wish there would be Nothing for me to do, but I get disappointed yet again...there is a lot going on in these days, that will affect our ability to fly in the future; btw. Did YOU do any thing to support the "Pilots Bill of Rights-2" ?????????

Best Regards,


Apr 1st, 2015 - New Chapter President

Bernie Willis

Congratulations and thanks to Bernie Willis, our new Chapter 42 President.

At our March 2015 meeting we found out that Chapter 42 President Jonathan Fant would be moving to the Lower 48 in April. A few people volunteered to take over the position of President. At the April 1st Board Meeting, there was a discussion about having the Board of Directors elect a new President according to the bylaws, or waiting for the next membership meeting to have a special election.

The board determined that since Jonathan would be out of state at the next meeting, that would eliminate any kind of in person transition to the new president. According to the bylaws, the Board of Directors elected Bernie Willis, our new Chapter 42 President.

Jonathan Fant

The Board of Directors would like to thank Jonathan Fant for all that he has done for the chapter. Years ago he hauled his uncompleted RV to the Northway Mall for a static display for the chapter. He organized the FedEx booth last year and started the organization for it this year. He has sponsored meetings at his hangar and helped out with John Davis for meetings over there. Thanks Jonathan.

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